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Splitting Capsules and Tablets Into Smaller Strengths

These are work-arounds that might help guai'ers who want to start and/or raise doses in lower increments than the strength of the capsule or tablet they have purchased.

It is possible to cut tablets into smaller amounts with a pill cutter and also to split the contents of a capsule into lower increments

Tablets Example:  If one has a 200 mg tablet one can cut it into 1/2 (100mg), 1/4 (50mg) or 1/8 (25mg) or even lower fairly easily with a pill cutter so that one could start at a dose that suited them bid (twice daily), or tid (three times daily). 

I've had occasion to split 500 mg non-guai tablets into 15 mg doses so it can be done.  I crush the pieces and insert them into capsules but you can also just wrap the pieces in some silver foil and place in a pill date/time container.  Keep the container in a cool, dark place for up to a week.  I can keep the crushed table that way for more than a week as I can feel that it is still active.  Experiment for yourself.

Capsule Example: One can also split capsules, although the procedure is more labour intensive (fiddly) and not worth doing unless one has the capsules already and needs to lower the dose, wants to raise the dose a tiny amount more now and again or ongoingly.

Purchase some empty capsules and empty a relatively equal amount of the contents into 1 or more of the empty capsules. 

If the strength of the capsule is 200 mg one could split it twice to get 100 mg,  4 times to get 50 mg and 8 times to get 25 mg. 

The contents of the capsule will not be exact when split but can be close enough done by sight.  With someone holding the empty capsule, another can tip what looks like half into the empty capsule. 

One way to split more than twice is to empty the contents onto a clean surface and spread it into a single line of approximate thickness, then hive off the amount wanted onto an individual piece of paper and then funnel it into each capsule.

These are just ideas for work-arounds that might come in handy for someone. 

Bonny wrote: I use a pill cutting box containing a blade and storage compartment, which anyone can buy at a pharmacy or wal-mart for a dollar or two.  I cut the 600mg la tablets in half along the split line, then turn each piece long length so the blade will cut the rounded end first - so the middle sliced area does not crumble - and cut those two original halves in half. I balance the pill parts carefully in the box grooves and cut quick to prevent crumbling, although it does not always work. So, now I have 4 parts that equal 150mg each. I could then
cut them down to approx 75 or even 50mg each, but since you have now created QA (quick-acting/immediate-release) versions you might save the trouble and purchase a 200mg qa guai version. That would enable you to cut pieces into fourths (of approx 50 mg each) or even eighths (of approx 25 mg each). You could even crush the pieces into powder and divide carefully into smaller amounts then moisten your finger to carry the
powder to your tongue. You should not taste the guai on back area of the tongue, but have a glass of water handy just in case!

I leave the wee bits in the storage compartment of the pill cutter, so I can use them as needed - but I also know they may be affected by moisture so I try to use them within a week or so.

Also, one guai buddy posted in the past that she nibbles on a tablet throughout the day, since she requires such low and unconventionally divided doses.

There may be other ways, but these are the portions i have created when searching for my best dose.

---BONNY Guai ROCKS !!!

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