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Established in October 1997 as a non-profit enterprise the original, international Guai-Support Network offers access to 'self-help' health education and support. Discussion revolves around all renditions of the guaifenesin treatment for FMS, CFS, CFIDS, ME, IBS, EDS, IC, MCS, NMH, RLS, VV, MVP, MPS under the GUAI topic.  Many other health issues such as HG, IR, reflux, Thyroid, Toxicity & reference to other theories & treatments for FMS/Cfids are welcome without a topic keyword.  Members have access to extensive archives.

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Guaifenesin Sources    
22 January, 2008


Guaifenesin is pronounced 'gwy-fen-e-sin' - the "e" between "fen" and "sin" should be pronounced like the "e" in "item".  On GG it is known affectionately as guai ('gwy') and those following the Guaifenesin protocol, are called Guais (i.e., Gwys), a little play on the word 'guy'.


All Marketed Guai is appropriately manufactured
Acceptable Guaifenesin Compounds For FMS

(LA - QA - Q+LA & Synonyms, measurements of powder, cream + 'Action of LA caps')

Important Information

Guaicum (treatment for syphilis-Lyme)

Problems with Medications

Storing Guaifenesin  

Splitting Capsules & Tablets
Guaifenesin Manufacturers/Brands
History of Guaifenesin
Guaifenesin Retail Sources

Listed Brands Prior to 2003

Guaifenesin - Summary of Interactions with Vitamins, Herbs, and Foods

October 17, 2003:

FDA Proposes Steps to Assure the Safety and Efficacy of Certain Currently Unapproved Medicines
All the news regarding the Loss of LA Guaifenesin
(these last 2 links will take you to other pages but this window will remain open for reference)


ALL Guaifenesin is appropriately manufactured

Q: Is Asian guaifenesin a problem?

A: This is one of those queries that come up from time to time, seemingly based on past concerns when answers were being sought to the failure of some guai’ers to progress, as expected, on LA products. GG research indicated that the reason for this was most likely ‘people respond differently because they are different people’ and opinion provided by pharmacists, at that time, did not support the notion that Asian ‘raw’ product was the problem. More recently, an Australian compounding pharmacist responded:

"Thank you for the opportunity of commenting on guaifenesin. I would say that we must distinguish between the active ingredient (i.e., Guai raw material ) and the finished product (capsules and tablets). This is because most of the Guai active comes out of Asia, principally Taiwan and China and we have no real knowledge of their quality control. For that reason, I would have to say that it is better if the Guai finished product comes out of the USA, Australia or another country where the manufacturers of the capsules or tablets have met the stringent requirements of the FDA*, the TGA, or equivalent governing body, no matter what the source of the raw material. This requires that the manufacturer meets those requirements like auditing the suppliers of the active ingredient, no matter what its source, test it for potency and purity and manufacture the finished dose from within an appropriately licensed and inspected facility. This, of course, means finished product testing and greater assurance in product quality for the consumer."  Antony Accordino

FDA guidelines

All legally manufactured single-ingredient guaifenesin, whether immediate-release or extended-release, is FDA-approved. No approval has a higher status than another, with regards to guaifenesin (Gregory K. Penniston, D.C., Pg, 62, The Guaifenesin Guide - Out of Print.  Please see the new edition titled, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel: Treating Symptoms Treating Cause By Gregory K. Penniston, D.C.  In this book Dr. Penniston explains how and why the different treatments that are commonly used can be of help. He also explains that these treatments are limited because they do not treat the underlying cause of these conditions. The little known medication, guaifenesin, does appear to treat the underlying cause in many people. Dr. Penniston explains why guaifenesin works and how to best use it.

Click here for further information.

Acceptable Guaifenesin Compounds

Below: All these Guaifenesin compounds are acceptable for the protocol - use the appropriate one for your particular circumstances. 

The Guai-Support list has elected to use these terms for abbreviation:


Long-acting = LA

(Pharmaceutical terms: ER = extended-release, SR = sustained-release)


Quick-acting = QA

(Pharmaceutical terms: RR = regular-release, IM = Immediate-release)


Quick-acting/Long-acting Combination = Q+LA

Long-acting Compounded Capsules = LACC


Quick-acting Compounded Capsules = QACC

(Many people have difficulty taking tablets. Maybe you are throwing your head back to help with swallowing. A member recently informed us that she read in an old folk remedy book that the best way to take pills is to actually tuck your chin down towards your chest, instead of throwing back your head. When you drink your water, the pills slide down much easier.)

Quick- acting Compounded Topical Cream = QACTC


Quick-acting Home-made Topical Lotion = QAHMTL

(Click here to see Rowena's recipe)

Measuring out & dosing topical guai:

There  have been reports that the responses differ between types of guai taken, e.g., less topical (QA) guai is needed to invoke the same response as a QA tablet and less encapsulated QA guai is needed to invoke the same response as a QA tablet.

There is no way to calculate an "equivalent" dose when switching from tablets/capsules that are swallowed, to a topical preparation. You will need to start again from the beginning, with a low dose and slowly increasing until you reach a point where you think it's having an effect.

When you order your topical guai from a compounding pharmacist, ask she/he if s/he would prepare it in a hypodermic syringe MINUS the needle. The plastic tube has measuring marks on it. The dosage marks are easy to read and the plunger just has to be moved carefully to expel your dose X 2 daily.  A small cap covers the place where the needle would be and where the cream comes out when you squeeze the plunger.  If for some reason your pharmacist won't do it (although I'd be surprised), you have already purchased your cream or you are making it at home you can purchase the syringes and insert the cream yourself.

Work out something that is convenient to you, and stick with it. Maybe squeezing out 1mm, or 5mm or whatever, of gel onto your finger will be something you can cope with - you could do it over a ruler for greater accuracy. Don't concern yourself with calculating just how much guai is in the portion you squeeze out of the tube and apply to your body, but do watch that you are consistent with how much you use on each step of the titration process.

Compounding Pharmacist Antony Accordino wrote in response to my question regarding the action of compounded long-acting capsules:

July 6, 2006

"The anatomy of the digestive system
Stomach empty in 2 - 6 hours with 10% absorption
Small intestine empty in 3 - 5 hours with 10% absorption
Large intestine empty in 3 - 10 hours with 10% absorption
Total = 8 - 21 hours
Average = 14 - 15 hours

My experience is that slow release for capsules is somewhere between 6 to 8 hours. Tablets can be different in that the hydrophilic matrix can be better controlled and the dissolution time extended further.

The key is gut transit times and this can vary widely due the various reasons such as diet, health, genetics etc"

LA or QA Guai:  Which Kind is Right for Me?


Gel capsules sizes: #0 = 300mg -- #00 = 600mg

1) Pure Guaifenesin LA or QA capsules of any strength 
2) Pure Guaifenesin tablets of any strength

LA, QA or Q+LA

3) Pediatric sprinkles are no longer in production.

To work around this, use pure powder and mix with jelly/jam as guai is very bitter. 1/8 tsp = 300mg; 1/4 tsp = 600mg

4)  Sugar and alcohol free Liquids
5) Pure Guaifenesin Powder

(pack or have packed for you (can be compounded to LA or left QA)

7) Topical Guaifenesin

(a recent innovation) Tom Slaughter of Mulberry Compounding Pharmacy assures us that guaifenesin is absorbed through the skin.  Several people are known to be using it and all of them are cycling on it at a dose lower than their previous long-acting dose.  There may be other compounding pharmacies in your own area willing to order Guai powder and make up capsules or topical cream for you.  One member makes her own.

8) Compounded Guai (Be sure to state on the prescription the reason you need especially compounded Guai, e.g. sensitivity to dye, you need to split  your dosage and Mucinex is difficult to break, etc.)


Note: Glyceryl Guaiacolate [93-14-1] Synonyms: guaifenesin; Actifed; Allerid; Cenafed; Decofed; Drixoral; Novafed; Sudafed; Trinalin; Azatadine; Optimine; D-threo-2-(Methylamino)-1-phenylpropan-1-ol; Guaiacol glyceryl ether; Guaiphenesin; Deconsal II; Dimacol; Actifed-C; Myocaine; Contac Cough Formula; Relaxil G; Sirotol; Brexin EX; Cremacoat 2; Aeronesin; Amonidrin; Congestac; alpha-Glyceryl guaiacol ether; AI3-24947; Aresol; Calmipan; My 301; Guaiacyl glyceryl ether; Glyceryl guaiacyl ether; XL-90; Colrex Expectorant; Equicol; Gecolate; Glycodex; Oresol; Neuroton; Robitussin; 3-(2-methoxyphenoxy)-1,2-propanediol; 3-(2-Methoxyphenoxy)-1,2-propanediol, threo + erythro;
C10H14O4   --  198.2182

Important Information

We have had complaints, from individuals, about a number of brands of guai, demonstrating the individual nature of responses to any product.   Please click her to read our  Guai Product Troubleshooter Report for more information.  It also contains information regarding some people experiencing stomach pain when taking guai.


Calcium binds to phosphate as calcium phosphate and, added to meals (Tums, etc.) may be carried out of the body via increased fecal elimination.  This may also allow for lower doses of guaifenesin and one could experiment if so inclined.


Free Drug Program


The Guaifenesin (eexpectorant) protocol we follow & discuss uses a synthetic chemical compound. 


Guaifenesin is an expectorant, which loosens and thins mucous, not a  decongestant.  Decongestants can raise BP and require great caution if used with history of elevated blood pressure (labels may indicate this).  According to the literature, there is no need to be concerned about guaifenesin raising BP.


Do not take Guaifenesin in combination with something else such as Dextramethorphan (cough suppressant [e.g. Mucofen], [further reading], or Pseudoephedrine (decongestant) unless specifically & knowingly RX'd by your doctor for a condition other than FMS.   If it's necessary to take Liquid Guaifenesin for a particular reason appropriate ones are listed below.


Do not use Entex LA unless specifically RX'd by your doctor for reasons other than FMS.   It is not pure guai.  It contains Phenylephrine as the decongestant. ( It used to contain 75 mg. of Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride, which is a decongestant that can raise blood pressureand only about 200 mg of guai.) 

We have no information on how people do on Guaiacum homeopathic Guaifenesin (Botanical: Guaiacum officinale (LINN.) Family: N.O. Zygophyllaceae), nor the Guaiacum Wood, but they are listed here for those interested in investigating and/or experimenting with them.  More on Guaiacum officinale.


Guaifenesin has a short half-life, which is why it is recommended that we take it in divided doses instead of just once every 24 hours.

Some Guaifenesin tab's have a tiny amount of green/blue dye which we see no problem with as many tablets contain dyes.....even white ones.  If you are concerned about allergies however please check out products without dye.


If you purchase guaifenesin LA (long-acting) and wish to keep it that way don't crush or chew tablets as it interferes with the long acting capability.   You can & should do all the above if you wish to make your LA Guai QA (quick-acting).  For more information regarding products please click here.  There is no scored LA on the market at the time of this writing (05/02/14)


The uricosuric action of guaifenesin was found many years ago however it is not common knowledge, and there is no label warning on any guai product, that Guaifenesin has the ability to alter uric acid test results which may cause problems for those with gout.


Guaifenesin can falsely elevate the results of laboratory tests for vanillylmandelic acid (VMA), which is the main urinary metabolite of catecholamines (adrenaline and noradrenaline). In addition, it is well known that guaifenesin can cause false positive results in tests for the serotonin metabolite, 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid . You should stop taking guaifenesin 48 hours before giving urine for either of these tests.


(By the way, aspirin also interferes with VMA and 5-HIAA tests. Ephedrine and caffeine cause increased values in 5-HIAA tests. Foods that are high in serotonin (avocados, bananas, eggplant, pineapples, plums, and tomatoes) can also cause false positives in 5-HIAA tests. An awful lot of foods and even artificial coloring and flavoring can cause false positives on a VMA test.)


Guaicum: Treatment for Symphilis (borellia, a spirochete - the bacteria that causes Lyme)

Guaicum Treatment for Syphilis
Syphilis is a special type of bacteria that is similar to borellia (the bacteria that causes Lyme) in that it is a spirochete. Given the connection in symptoms between lyme and fibromyalgia, it is very interesting that guaicum was considered a treatment for syphilis.

Aside from the connection in symptoms, this also seems to point to the possibility that those with fibromyalgia may have a spirochetal infection which may be why guai is effective for some people. New spirochetes are still being discovered.

There were originally no effective treatments for syphilis. The most common in use were guaiacum and mercury: the use of mercury gave rise to the saying "A night in the arms of Venus leads to a lifetime on Mercury". Though no proper studies were done to prove it, mercury may have been an effective means to treat syphilis.


Problems with Medications

If you notice a change with a medication, contact the manufacturer (compounding pharmacy or pharmaceutical company) immediately and then follow up with your doctor if the medication is found to be remiss in any way. An unexplained change of any kind (e.g., color change, swelling or a different smell) could indicate that the product has undergone some sort of chemical reaction. This can happen from heat or moisture and, although it is wihin the the correct date, the above changes may have caused expiration.

It is fine to purchase from independent pharmacies (that are not chains). They often cater to those needing special compounding because large corporations do not feel it is worth their time. If you order from out of state and are not able to view certificates, check pharmacy boards as they often have licenses listed on their web sites. If you cannot find the information on-line call them and inquire if it is licensed in that state. They should be able to direct you to legitimate confirmation.


Storing Guaifenesin

Bonny's Storage of Guaifenesin Tips

Heat and/or humidity can affect the efficacy of medications so store your guai properly, and buy from sellers you trust to do the same. 
-Store guai between 59 & 86 degrees F and
l5 & 30 degrees C.
-Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer.
-Store away from heat and direct light.
-Do not store in the bathroom, near the   kitchen sink, or in other damp places. Heat or moisture may cause the medicine  to break down.
-Do not leave the cotton plug in a medicine container that has been opened; the cotton may draw moisture into the container.
-Do not leave the cap off the bottle 
- Fludan state that that if their Guaifenesin powder is 'fly away' or 'staticky' to put it in the freezer for 1 hour ONLY before packing into capsules.


Dolores' sent this storage tip: A gardening show host, who was giving tips on how to store seeds over the winter, took 2 teaspoons of powdered milk, put them in a double sheet of paper towel, put them at the bottom of a plastic container, put the seeds in, put the lid on and then stored the container in a cool dry place. Apparently there is something in the powdered milk that draws all the moisture out.

Splitting Capsules and Tablets Into Smaller Strengths

Guaifenesin Manufacturers/Brands
If you cannot purchase Guaifenesin in your own country please check with your authorities to see if you can import enough Guaifenesin for personal use and if you need an RX to do so.  Also check your compounding pharmacists who can assist you with compounding guaifenesin in any format/dose.

All previous LA are now unavailable (since November 2003) until the manufacturer seeks an NDA or ANDA.  All QA (quick-acting, regular-release) continues to be available over-the-counter, although not many are available in local drugstores/chemist shops.  Look to Compounding Pharmacists if you require long-acting Guaifenesin other than those listed below.  Compounding pharmacists have separate rules than mass producers so guaifenesin can still be compounded in any requested formats/doses. 


Much discussion has taken place regarding the efficacy of the products listed below.  You will find those discussions in the GG archives.

Allfen Jr.  400 QA

US GG Member informs us that this has now been discontinued (October 10, 2005)  Expectorant/Expectorant NDC# 58605-530-01 400mg Immediate Release Guaifenesin Click here for all the information we have on this product. (Not the Allfen Expectorant/Expectorant NDC# 58605-613-01 150mg Potassium Guaiacolsulfonate 1000mg Guaifenesin as we don't know how safe it is for long term use.  Talk to your doctors)

Bidex 400 mg, QA

(quick-acting, an immediate-release guaifenesin) Marketed by Stewart-Jackson Pharmacal, Inc. and MCR American Pharmaceuticals.  It is available by prescription in the southeast part of the US and covered by some insurance policies (It is apparently appropriate for us; apart from price!)

Fenesin IR (Immediate-release) 400 mg

Fludan (Pure Guaifenesin Powder, Ready made 300mg & 600mg capsules, encapsulated mg amount to your preference, empty Capsules & capsules packer & Guaiacum)
SoloGuai  400mg QA Dye Free guai (Grace)

Guai-Aid Caplets and Capsules in various strengths

Guai-Care QA or LA.  ANY strength caps & Topical Guai cream

Mulberry Compounding Pharmacy

GuaiLife 200 mg & 400 mg QA (quick-acting) tablets

(Dr. Gregory Penniston) 

Humibid E 400mg QA - NEW - (October 1, 2004). 

[NOT the CS which contains Dextromethorphan] It is manufactured & packaged by PharmaFab, using the same guaifenesin source & granulation process used in their previous RX products.  (This product is no longer being sold by Cornerstone Biopharma due to a deal between Cornerstone and Adams labs.  We at GG suggest that if you like this product you stock up on it in case the 'worst' occurs and Adams remove it from the market to bolster sales of Mucinex.  Please click here for more information (GG archives, March 16, 2005)  Currently it is available on-line and at local stores [50 or 100 tab bottles] in the US, including K-mart.

Liquibid 600 Mg - ION Pharmaceuticals (No info on this)
Longs Supertussin Clear Liquid (100 mg/5 ml)
Longs Diabetic Tussin EX Liquid (100 mg/5 ml), 0 carbs.
Mucin-Aid 600 mg, 8 hour caplet

Mucinex Q+LA -- Adam's Labs

(OTC newly patented dual action tablet includes a fast acting layer (200 mg) for rapid onset of action and a long lasting layer (400 mg) continues effect for a full 12 hours.) (Pro Health LA are Mucinex)

Mucus Relief Guaifenesin, QA (Immediate-release) tablet - 400 mg x 30 tablets.

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate , Maltodextrin , Microcrystalline Cellulose , Povidone , Silicon Dioxide , Sodium Starch Glycolate , Stearic AcidNaldecon

Senior EX (OTC) 

Each teaspoonful is 200 mg.  It is sugar and alcohol free but does contain Saccharin.


International Shipping
Guaifenesin 600 (600 mg, 100 tablets)
See Mucinex above.

Guaifenesin FA (400 mg, 100 oblong tablets)
400mg fast acting formula with rapid delivery, dye-free, scored tablets for splitting into two 200mg doses
Mucinex (Guaifenesin, 600mg) (600 mg, 40 tablets)
The exact same product as the Pro Health extended release guaifenesin but sold under the manufacturer brand rather than Pro Health.

URL (United Research Labs) x 200 mg QA Mutual

Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. --   Dr. Richard Roberts, 1100 Orthodox Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124


Web Shop Emporium
Guaifenesin and Sal-Freetm Products


Can't find what you're looking for?  Let us find it for you.

History of Guaifenesin

Interesting History of Guai
The uricosuric action of guaifenesin was found many years ago.


Guaifenesin Retail Sources
Any compounding chemist can be approached re compounding LA or QA guai.  The regulations regarding OTC or RX may be different in each country so be sure to ask.  Some can compound up to certain amounts without an RX (e.g., Australia, up to and including 200 mg)

      Canada     Europe      USA





Dartnell's Pharmacy (compounding)
Guai by prescription

376 Canterbury Road, Surry Hills, Victoria 3127
Phone: (03) 9888 5899
Fax: (03) 9888 6911
email: pharmacy@bigpond.net.au



New South Wales


Edgecliff, Sydney

Compounding Pharmacist
E-mail: edgecliff@blooms.net.au
Attention to: Melanie
Reference by Dr Lily Vanker, who does mapping.

Dr Lily Vanker is on our guai doctor list (Edgecliff).

West Lindfield (North Shore) Sydney

West Lindfield Pharmacy

They make it for Dr Schloeffel's patients.

Ph: 02 9416 2642.


Also see Recommended Guai doctors: phone consultation with OZ Doc  (Richard Schloeffel) .  He dispenses Guaifenesin with consultations.  (My information is that he's very expensive and has a long waiting list.)


South Australia


Erindale Compounding
368b Kensington Rd
Erindale 5066
Phone: (08) 8431 6727
Fax (08) 8431 9540
Internet: www.greendispensary.com

Hackham Shop
1/ 77a Collins Pde
Hackham  5163
Phone: (08) 8326 4588
Internet: www.greendispensary.com

The Green Dispensary
3 Walker St
Mt Barker 5251
Phone: (08) 8391 1550
Internet: www.greendispensary.com

The Green Dispensary
28 Mount Barker Rd
Stirling  5152
Phone: (08) 8339 1347
Fax (08) 8370 9886
Internet: www.greendispensary.com




Testa, Tugun Chemart Chemist

Gold Coast

457  Golden Four Drive

Phone. (07) 5534 2327

 Western Australia

Compounding On Oxford
in Western Australia
LA or QA Guaifenesin Capsules Compounded On Request.

OTC for any strength up to and including 200 mg
RX (Prescription) required for strengths above 200 mg
Minimum 300 capsules

(you can request only calcium carbonate filler in QA if preferred)

DHEA, Pregnenolone, etc

Click here for more information & Ordering




Canada Guai Availability UPDATE:
Current events do NOT apply to US or International customers - it only affects Canadian customers.

For the moment, Fludan Fine Chemicals is still not allowed to sell bulk guai directly to individuals in Canada (see announcement below). They are however, allowed to sell to doctors and pharmacists who are then allowed to sell to individuals. Dr. Sean Ceaser from Winnipeg, Manitoba has agreed to be a distributor in Canada. He has been following the guaifenesin protocol for about 3 years. He can be reached at 204-831-6125  or by email

Latest update from Fludan Fine Chemicals, July 2003: "We were told by health canada that a DIN would be one way to continue, but as we research it - it turns out to be a very expensive and almost an impossible route. It had sounded great at the time but little was explained to us about the procedures. So for now we are grateful Dr. Ceaser has decided to help us in this matter as we can only sell to pharmacies or Doctors. Luckily he has been following the protocol for about 3 yrs and knows it works. If ever we are again able to sell directly to the public we will announce it on all the sites. Thanks again.

Original announcement from Fludan Fine Chemicals, May 2003. "We have been advised by Health Canada that we will require a DIN (drug identification number) to continue to sell Guaifenesin in bulk in Canada. We have will have suspend our sales of Guaifenesin in CANADA for the next couple of months depending on the duration of time it takes for the DIN to be approved. This though does not affect our US or International sales, it only affects CANADA. Unfortunately, we have just been made aware of these new specifications and we only have a couple of days left to continue selling guaifenesin in CANADA. We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause our Canadian clients."

Smith's Pharmacy
3463 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-488-2600
No prescription needed.


TLC Pharmacy
17711 - 98A AVE

Edmonton, Alberta

Canada T5T 5W8

(ship guai all over the world)

(780) 444-4022

FAX (780) 483-0825


Email Addresses:

TLC Pharmacy tlcpharmacy@tlcpharmacy.com

Ron Marcinkoski ronmarcinkoski@tlcpharmacy.com

The CyberPharmacist cyberpharmacist@tlcpharmacy.com


It is in powder form and they put it in whatever size capsules you want. The cost for 100x300gr is about $25 CDN ($10 for putting it in capsules) and that includes shipping. Check with your own authorities regarding importation of drugs into your country.

FLUDAN Fine Chemicals, Inc.,:
Approved by the FDA for sale in the USA. 
Vankleek Hill Ontario, Canada

They welcome international  orders and it is probably one of the cheapest sources listed.   No prescription needed in Canada or to import into USA, Australia or Israel.  There may be other countries I could include here if I get some feedback regarding it so please check with the authorities in your own countries to see if you can import enough Guaifenesin for personal use and if you need or don't need an RX to do so.  

Pure Guaifenesin Powder & encapsulated (QA)
In 300 mg and 600 mg.  If preferred they can be encapsulated to your mg amount specifications.

500 grams X $CAD35 plus taxes $5.50 shipping and handling to anywhere in Canada.


They also sell empty capsules and capsule packers.

Guaiacum Wood: $CAD10.00 X 500g --  $CAD17.50 X 1kg.

Web:  http://www.fludan.com/
Contact Info Miss Danika Vrancken
Customer Service
Tel 613-678-5837
FAX 613-678-1611


1 Tablespoon (7200mg) will fill 24 X 300mg gel capsules

1 teaspoon = 2400 mg; 1/2 teaspoon = 1200 mg; 1/4 teaspoon = 600 mg; 1/8 teaspoon = 300 mg;


Since pediatric sprinkles are no longer available a work around is to mix Fludan powder with jelly/jam (guai is very bitter).

WILER Fine Chemicals
London, Ontario (1-800-668-9453),

Powder Guaifenesin (higher cost than Fludan).

Medisca Pharmaceutique Inc:
Ask your pharmacist to get: 
Pure Guai powder in 500gr jar

from Medisca

Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- $51.99

800-665-6334 or 514 333-7911.

NutriChem Pharmacy compounding lab:
Richmond Rd., Ottawa  Capsules, 1998.

Contact your pharmacist, who has catalogues of products from various manufacturers, and ask him/her to order the pure guaifenesin powder for you. 


The pharmacist can help you figure out how much guai powder to put in a gelatincapsule to make various doses. There is info in the archives about ways to fill the capsules.


Gel capsules can be found in some health food stores, and cost varies.

Garden Pharmacy is no longer able to supply Guaifenesin

From: "Harry Ganz" <sales@garden.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 16:05:51 -0000
To: "name withheld>

Subject: Guai

Unfortunately, due to controls by the Pharmaceutical Society, we have immediately stopped the supply of Guai tablets.

This is beyond our control, and unfortunately, it looks as if we are going to be prosecuted for supply of unlicensed medical products.

The Pharmaceutical Society also claim that the drug is totally ineffective in the treatment of fybromyalgia, which is another reason for the prosecution.

I am sorry for any disappointment this will cause.

With kind regards,

Harry Ganz
The Garden Pharmacy

                 United States of America

220 Tabs 400 mg Guaifenesin Expectorant Mucus Thinner Compare to Active Ingredients in Mucinex

Guaifenesin FA (400 mg, 100 oblong tablets)

Reformulated to contain natural vanilla flavour and stevia. 
Natural flavours are fine as an inactive or additional ingredient in a supplement as long as it is not mint or peppermint. The exception is if it's used in a product that is held in the mouth like a lozenge or toothpaste then it's likely a problem and should be avoided. Stevia used as a sweetener is unlikely to block.

Please retitrate if progress is slowed or stalled.


Mucinex Expectorant, Guaifenesin Extended-Release 600 mg Tablets - 20 ea


Mucinex (Guaifenesin, 600mg) (600 mg, 40 tablets)


 Mucinex-Extended Release Mucus Expectorant, 60ct


Mucinex Guaifenesin Extended-Release 600mg Tablets, 100 Tablets
The exact same product as prohealth but sold under the manufacturer brand name.  Price as of August 2005 $39.99

 Guaifenesin 600 (600 mg, 100 tablets)


 Mucinex Expectorant, Bi-Layer Tablets, 500 tablets


 Guaifenesin USP bulk (powder) (500grams) SALE Brand: Fludan


Click on the logo to read all about GuaiLife

A Quick-acting Over- the-Counter Guaifenesin

200 X 200mg tablets = $15.00
200 X 400mg tablets =$23.00


Now selling

400mg/100ct - $16.00


Click here to ask Dr. Penniston questions via Guai-Support Mailing List


Click this link to go directly to shopping for any of the following products at GuaiLife
GuaiLife & Guai-Aid
Guaifenesin Sunscreen, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel (book), Examining Guaifenesin (DVD), SOLBAR® PF 50 Cream (SPF 50) & Tom's of Maine Toothpastes & Progest-E
Complex Replenishing Oil


Toll-free phone: 1-877-203-4495

For international orders, call (520) 745-8101 or e-mail us.
PayPal available

Please remember to say that you were referred by Guai-Support


Click here

for more Information related to cutting tablets.


Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions
1034 S. Brentwood Blvd
Ste 102
St. Louis, MO 63117
Phone: 314-401-6812 or 800-728-0288
Fax: 314-727-2830 or 800-458-9182
Send Inquiries to Consultant Pharmacist via:
Email: info@bpharmacysolutions.com

Bemis Drug
Pharmacist, 6 Brighton St. No. Abington,

MA., 02351.

Call 1-781-878-0893 and ask for BILL.

Cape Apothecary / Cape Drugs
Guaifenesin (on request)
Annapolis MD USA
Phone: 410-757-3522

Clark's Drugstore
Compounding Guaifenesin (on request)
Location: Benson, Minnesota.
Central standard time--open 8:30 am - 5:30 p.m. Mon-Fri. Sat till 3 p.m. (most weekends)

Barry Jungwirth, pharmacist and owner, believes that guai is an essential part of the fibro life and specializes in custom compounding.

Phone toll free: 1-800-428-1896

Barry has a med tech who works the scripts with him, as well as regular store staff who may answer the phone so please specify when calling that the 'guaifenesin' order should be referred to 'Barry'.   


Their member services number is: 1-800-774-2678. You could find out where the closest one is, and what their price is for guai.

District Drugs & Compounding Center (Pharmacy)
Pharmacist.......James T. Perry RPh
214 18th Stre1et, Rock Island, Illinois 61201
Pharmacy Hours......Monday 9-5pm, Tuesday - Friday 9-6pm

"Fibro GMM" cream (for guaifenesin, magnesium, and malic acid).
"I questioned him about the malic acid, and he assured me it is not from apples, and is *sal-free. The cost is $38.00 for a 4oz. jar. and you do need a prescription.


You can buy on-line at drugstore.com while purchasing other Sal-FreeTM products
Mucinex Expectorant, Guaifenesin Extended-Release 600 mg Tablets 100 ea
Mucinex Expectorant, Guaifenesin Extended-Release 600 mg Tablets 40 ea

Fibro Pharmacy (Marina Del Ray)


Compounded Guai X 600mg LA

Other Ingredients:  Stearic Acid, Silica, DiCalcium

QA Guai X 400 mg

Other ingredients: Stearic Acid, DiCalcium Phosphate, Croscarmellose Sodium and Silica.

Now also selling Guai-Aid
Please say you were referred by Tesa

GuaiCare  QA - LA - Compounded guaifenesin

"By using a topical product, you eliminate the first-pass effect and more drug gets into the blood. A much smaller amount of topical gel is therefore required. New data show that one gram (100mg) of GuaiCare Topical 10%TM may be equivalent to an 400mg dose of oral guaifenesin.

Finally, many patients using the guaifenesin protocol may dislike the many “ups and downs” associated with phosphate cycling. A topical gel allows them to dose themselves in small increments throughout the day to avoid the hard painful cycling associated with oral tablets."

GG: Thus, if you have 100mg of cream, and it contains 10% guai, then there would be 10mg guai in that 100mg of the cream.

Hydrex Pharmaceuticals:
1-800-238-5282. Ask for Hytuss 200mg.

It's pure Guai. No RX needed.


Fenesin IR (Immediate-release) 400 mg


Lomed Labs:
Fort Worth Texas 76118

The Medicine Shoppe
Compounding QA and LA Guai
458 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095
732-636-0011 Fax 732-636-2873
Harry Joswick, RPh



Rider Pharmacy

Guaifenesin compounding for FM

Date: 97-11-12 19:20:48 EST

From: RiderPhcy

To: KShuller

We are certainly interested in providing the Guaifenesin to your members. At this point in time , there does not seem to be a problem obtaining the materials necessary to compound the product. The capsules would be compounded here at our pharmacy. Please contact Dan or Jerry at 1-800-207-1824 to discuss details. Thank you for your interest in our professional services.

Unicare has changed it name to the above.
2411 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68131
Toll Free 1-800-438-2014
Dr's Line 1-888-353-1881
Fax Line 1-402-342-4425 (You can FAX your RX to them)
Web site is: www.MedsBUYMail.com

Their compounding pharmacy,
Essential Pharmacy Compounding, is now producing dye-free and lactose free Guaifenesin 600mg Extended Release Capsules. 

If you have any questions please contact Essential Pharmacy Compounding by phone at:

1-888-733-0300 or 1-402-408-0016.

Your physician can fax a prescription order to 1-402-408-0020.

500 x 600 mg LA capsules = $125.00 plus S&H

1000 x 600 mg LA capsules = $ $200 plus S&H.
( = 25 cents and 20 cents a tablet)

Click here for web site:

 The Medicine Shoppe (Compounding)
Harry Joswick, RPh
458 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095
Ph: 732-636-0011
Fax: 732-636-2873

Total Healthcare Pharmacy
Siltussin (sugar and alcohol free) Liquid Guaifenesin
eight 16 oz bottles: $30
Shipping: $15.
Phone: (212) 473-0500
E-mail: Totalphar@aol.com

Thomas A. Savino, RPh

No prescription needed. 

Walgreen brand of 400mg QA
Price at October 21, 2005:  $7.99 for 30 (not cheap but if you are desperate.........)


Humibid LA 600-300mg, 12 Hour Tablets
Humibid LA 600mg, Controlled Release Tabs

Ye Olde Pharmacy

Pure Powdered Guaifenesin

5320 N. Port Washington Rd., Glendale WI 53217, Milwaukee.  (414) 963-0811.

Zenith Goldline, Manufacturer
200 mg tabs: ask your druggist to order:
NDC 0182-2614-01
200 mg guaifenesin

Previously Listed Brands Prior to November 2003
Boca Pharmaceuticals Inc. -- Guaifenesin LA tablets, 600 mg

6601 Lyons Road, Ste 1-10, Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories LTD --- Guaifenesin  LA

600mg.  Mr. Narendra N. Borkar, Caraco Pharmaceutical  Laboratories Ltd, 1150 Elijah Mcoy Dr, Detroit, MI 48202-3344

Cypress Pharmaceuticals --Guaifenesin Tabs 1200 mg

President/Chairman/CEO, 135 Industrial Blvd, Madison MS, 39110

ECR Pharmaceuticals   ---  Pneumomist 600 Mg
Fenesin &  Amibid LA Generic Guaifenesin

Amide Pharmaceutical Inc.  Chadu Patel, 101 East Main Street, Little Falls, NJ 07424

Fludan (Pure Guaifenesin Powder, Capsules & capsule packer)
KV Pharmaceutical Co. for ETHEX Corporation -- Guaifenex LA

600 mg, Ethex (contain Lactose)  St Louis, MO  63043-2413--

Medeva Pharmaceuticals   ---  Humibid LA 600 Mg, Pediatric caps

300 mg.  Donna Radrik, Medeva Pharmaceuticals, Celltech Manufacturing Inc., 755 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623  President/Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer, Amerisource Health Services Corp, 2550 John Glenn Ave Ste A, Columbus, OH 43217

PharmaFab -- PharmaFab Ms. Darlene Ryan, PFAB LP

(PharmaFab), 2940 North Highway Suite 100 Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Prasco (new name for Duramed) 600 Mg  ---  UCB Pharmaceuticals
Respa Pharmaceuticals  -- Respa GF 600 Mg
Seatrace Pharmaceuticals  --   Guai 600 mg
UCB Pharmaceuticals Inc. -- Duramed -- Duratuss-G  --- 1200 Mg

(the latter unfortunately is quite expensive even though it has double     dosage over the usual guaifenesin alternatives. (Plain "Duratuss" 1200 mg [contains pseudoephedrine, a decongestant that can however cause speeding up with jitteriness, insomnia, fast heart, shaking hand etc.]. The "Duratuss-G" 1200 Mg however has no such thing.)    President/Chairman, UCB Pharmaceuticals Inc., 1950 Lake Park Drive Smyrna, GA 30080 

Vintage Pharmaceutical Inc. -- Q-Bid

Vinod M. Dhitalia, 140 Vintage Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35811

Wakefield Pharmaceuticals   ---  Muco-Fen LA 600 Mg
Wallace Pharmaceuticals --- Organdin 200 Mg
WE Pharmaceuticals   -- Humavent LA 600 Mg

Removed April, 2004 Humibid LA 600-300mg, 12 Hour, Controlled Release Tablets Humibid LA is no longer a single-ingredient product and was reformulated to contain 600 mg guaifenesin and 300 mg potassium guaiacolsulfonate



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 Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More

"This riveting book can awaken humanity. It reveals the simple power of four phrases to transform your life. It's all based in love by an author spreading love. You should get ten copies of it----one for you and nine to give away. It's that good."
---- Debbie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

After 13 years of illness, some good things are happening, and I'm finally on my way to being totally well.  Books that set me on this path are:
Ri's Story - from "Recovery from CFS, 50 Personal Stories" by Alexandra Barton
Zero Limits - Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale

Nadine Tull: Tri-State FMS Recovery - fmsrecovery@yahoo.com


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Vulvar Pain Foundation
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 Now also selling Guai-Aid

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Miracle Mineral Solution



DVD - Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble
A feature-length documentary on the origin, science, and proper use of the MMS protocol to disinfect the waters of the human body with chlorine dioxide.  Produced and directed by Adam Abraham.



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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel: Treating Symptoms Treating Cause

By Dr Gregory K. Penniston
(The re-titled new edition to
The Guaifenesin Guide)

A unique book that gives sufferers and their families clear explanations and practical information on every type of treatment for these distressing and hard to manage disorders. It dispels the misconceptions, that lead some people to dismiss these conditions, with thoughtful explanations and reasoning. This book gives emphasis to eliminating the conditions by addressing their 'cause', with a commonly used 'over-the-counter' medication, guaifenesin and provides detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines.





Examining Guaifenesin




Parting the Fog: The Personal Side of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Sue Jones, a GG Member

Parting the Fog" is a candid, first person account of what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone suffering from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. It relays the seriousness of this condition in an easy-to-read manner, while employing humor and focusing on hope.







Crack Up at the Wake of Dawn: Everyday Poetry to Incite and Delight Your Soul

Another great Book from our GG Member Sue Jones!  If you are a fan of "Parting the Fog", you won't want to miss this book. Although it isn't specific to fibro, you WILL find chapters you can closely relate to, since many topics are dealt with. Some of the poems may make you cry, others make you laugh, and still others trigger a thought or give you greater insight. Whichever the case, you won't be left unaffected.









Take My Hand: The Extraordinary Story of a Girl Named Janis

In Take My Hand, Audrey Revell (a long time member of GG) paints a vivid and moving picture of the life and indomitable spirit of her daughter Janis, an exceptionally talented musician and composer despite having lost her sight as a child together with progressive hearing loss.




 The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

By Pema Chodron


Getting Unstuck: Breaking Your Habitual Patterns & Encountering Naked Reality

By Pema Chodron


 I Remember Me


 Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where It Hurts DVD


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