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Basic Guaifenesin Treatment Protocols for FMS

Written by Tesa Marcon: Revised April 13, 2007
These treatment instructions are designed to also include those not mapping the FMS/CFIDS lumps which are present on the muscle surfaces of the body. 
According to the standard protocol, mapping has traditionally proven to be the most reliable monitor of a therapeutic dose for the guaifenesin treatment.  According to Dr Penniston, symptoms are the most reliable.  GG outlines broader, non-standard guidelines.  There is even a variable dosing regime for those who might find it helpful.  You will also find below a Brief Explanation of how the Protocol Works


Click here to see a work-around for splitting tablets and capsules into smaller amounts.


Please see disclaimer  and FAQ Guai Product Troubleshooter before starting treatment. 

Guaifenesin is available over the counter (OTC) thus the protocol can be followed without a doctor.  You should of course consult with your Health Care Professional regarding anything about which you are concerned and/or which might not be a guaifenesin/FMS treatment recovery cycling symptom.  

First rule out any other conditions that might be the cause of your symptoms, or perhaps a coexisting condition, and if you prefer, locate a Dr. who understands FMS.  Starting Guai often indicates you need it because, if you do, it will cause a change in your symptoms; most often that will mean an exacerbation of your symptoms, however, although rare, you'll
experience improvement rather than the typical exacerbation.  Hopefully you will experience what Dr Penniston calls the 'sweet spot' (some symptoms improve while others worsen a little).  He  lists several nonplus conditions that come under the umbrella of fibromyalgia.

It is recommended that you have a basic work-up by a doctor that includes a blood count to rule out anaemia or infections that mimic FMS.  There are also claims that FMS is an infectious disease with antibiotic [abx] protocols which are said to address it.  It is your decision whether to follow more than one protocol at the one time.  You should discuss this with your health care professional. 


In addition it is a good idea to include a thyroid panel.  Or perhaps check out some of these thyroid tests & protocols.   Also investigate if you are  hypoglycaemic, carbohydrate intolerant, Insulin Resistant or type 2 diabetic (click here for help with diagnosing and here for diets).   Experimenting with a low-carb diet for a few weeks will be a good guide as to whether you are suffering from any of the above carb issues and you can adjust diet once you've done this.. 


Check for celiac disease/gluten intolerance also.  


Guai does not claim to address any of the above and some may stop you from feeling any benefit from Guai even if you are in recovery from the FMS symptoms. 


Consult with a health care professional when necessary and stay within a Guaifenesin support system.   From the point of view of the Guai protocol, there is no reason you cannot treat any other condition at the same time but one should research and consult with your health care professional. 


Next eliminate any products which contain salicylates and be careful not to come into contact with them.  It is essential that they be avoided or the protocol will not work; most especially until you've ascertained your lowest therapeutic dose of guai.  More information regarding salicylates below and here


Theoretically treatment with Guaifenesin reverses the entire process of fibromyalgia in a more intense cyclic progressive fashion at an average rate of about one year for every two months at the specific dosage each individual requires.  This is apparently due to a simultaneous and rapid attack on multiple areas. 


Mapping lesions on the body is considered by Dr St Amand to be the premium tool to ascertain when one has reached one's lowest therapeutic dose (LTD) and/or whether one is blocking the guaifenesin at the kidney level with salicylates.  Most physicians are not used to palpating the muscular lesions that we call the 'lumps and bumps' of fibromyalgia so the best option is to approach a professional body worker of some kind (physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.,) and ask if they'd consider doing it for you.  It can also be done by your significant other, spouse, family member, friend or, to some degree, yourself. 


There is a video available through Dr St Amand which shows how to map plus you can click here for instructions on this site. 


Continued mapping (if it is adequately done) of all your lumps will give a guarantee that you are not blocking with Salicylates and can give an indication of when you are slowed down enough to consider raising your dose to achieve faster clearing.  A trial raising of dose will also help you decide. 


After recovery has been achieved one continues Guaifenesin at the therapeutic dose ( i.e., the lowest dose at which one first cycled).  However, some find that they can/need to lower or raise their dose during certain points of progress.  Discuss with GG group.


Although mapping is a good tool often symptom exacerbation and/or frequency of cycles is best.  You should keep a daily journal right from the beginning of your treatment and regularly note all the changes in your condition. 


As well as symptom checklists on the 'More Resources' page, there are excellent suggestions available to members in the GG archives.  (Not a member yet?  Click here to join. )


As already stated, before beginning treatment it is imperative to make sure one is allowing no source of salicylates and this is also true at each level.  It is recommended you take a regular inventory of your products to ensure you are not blocked by salicylates.  Check new purchases against previous labels already approved via the sal lists on this site.

Recently some people have found that they can test their phosphate purging levels using an aquarium and pool test kit for phosphates.  It is also used successfully by some to test for blocking.  Members can also read the GG archives for more on this.  This should always be combined with other criteria to ascertain dose; never alone.  


Dr St Amand sticks to a very rigid protocol which states everyone should start titrating at 300 mg twice daily and raise their dose in specific increments at specific times until they reach their cycling dose and then that dose doesn't change. 


We at GG have found that such a narrow format doesn't serve everyone.  We find that starting lower and raising in smaller increments until reaching one's lowest therapeutic dose is the wiser course; particularly so when using a QA guai product.  Dr Gregory Penniston, D.C., says that 2/3rds of his patients begin to cycle into recovery with QA guai at about a 1/3 of the LA dose.  Click here for Research by the GG network.


You will find all systems outlined here (although GG's is very flexible and should be considered a guideline only) and discussed on our mailing list with no prejudice. 


A classic cycle is begun with a 'significant but tolerable exacerbation' of symptoms followed by good days, within anything from a few days to many months, or paradoxically, one can experience an improvement in some symptoms.  Dr. Greg Penniston says some might find that their correct dose of QA Guai invokes a 'sweet spot' (i.e., "...that dose which creates an increase of some symptoms and a decrease of others. This dose can be difficult to find, and may come after much experimentation with dose, including titrating up or down by half a tablet.").

Reversal cycles are generally intensified symptoms of whatever you have. For example, if your primary complaint is fatigue or nerves, this is what will get worse for you.  If it is pain, this will get worse.  In addition, because guaifenesin makes one's symptoms more intense, certain things which were not apparent or bothersome before beginning the protocol, may become so.


Dr St Amand's protocol

(This model operates on 'standard' doses, so, as a rule, everyone starts at the same level and titrates in the same increments)

  • Check that you have no other infections or conditions that need to be treated;
  • Ensure you are not coming into contact with salicylates;

  • Begin long-acting (LA) Guaifenesin at 300 mg. bid (600 mg daily);

  • Remain at that dose for 7 days;

  • If there is no exacerbation of symptoms or, rarely, paradoxically, no improvement during that time, raise your dose to LA 600 mg bid (1200 mg daily);

  • Remain at 600 mg bid for 3 weeks.  Mapping will show whether recovery has commenced ( Dr St Amand says that the left thigh should be cleared within a month on correct dose).   If you are not being mapped you will rely on exacerbation of symptoms or a feeling of improvement to ascertain whether this is your therapeutic dose;

  • If there is no indication that you have begun to cycle into recovery it is time to raise again.   Recently he changes his protocol a little and now adds 400 mg ProHealth fast-acting guaifenesin twice a day.  This amounts to 1 long-acting &1 quick-acting bid.  He notes that this combination seems to work for 90-95% of his patients;

  • Keep raising each month until your response indicates you've attained your lowest therapeutic dose.


Also see: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse The Disease  By Paul St Amand & Claudia Craig Marek



Dr St Amand has had to rethink some aspects of the standard protocol.  However, his titration guide remains basically the same, with the proviso that one could add 400 mg QA if 1200 mg LA doesn't clear the left thigh.   It is worth noting that he has limited his interest to a couple of brands and providers these days, which would appear to pose the same potential danger as his previous 'guai is guai' mantra.  People deciding to follow the suggested combination of LA & QA to high doses should bear in mind the potential to have the unnecessary pain levels that previously caused problems for so many for so long.

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Dr Penniston's Protocol

Click here
for a brief outline of Dr Penniston's format for using guaifenesin.

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel: Treating Symptoms Treating Cause

By Gregory K. Penniston, D.C.

(The re-titled new edition to
The Guaifenesin Guide)

Examining Guaifenesin


Gregory K. Penniston. D.C.

This 33-minute DVD examines the success of Guaifenesin with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other Nonplus conditions. This DVD is an interview with Dr. Penniston and four of his patients about their personal experiences with Guaifenesin.
Click here to preview a video clip.

Click here to view all products sold by GuaiLife

Gregory K. Penniston, D.C. is a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist who has been in private practice in Tucson, Arizona for the past 23 years.  He wrote the book, The Guaifenesin Guide (which is out of print) and has now written a 2nd edition titled, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel: Treating Symptoms Treating Cause.  He also produced the DVD (Examining Guaifenesin) above.  Dr Penniston responds to queries from GG membership, to facilitate understanding of the 'non-plus' concepts  and his own treatment version, as well as more general health questions.  He treats hundreds of FMS patients with guaifenesin and is a long-standing member of the Guai-Support Group mailing list.  He is also one of GG's valued consultants on the complex FMS 'condition' with all its related issues.  GG acknowledges Dr Penniston's contribution to both our network and to the evolution of the guaifenesin protocol, to which we are all committed.
NOTE:  If you specifically want Dr Penniston D.C. to respond your questions, he will reply to a subject line containing his name, e.g., Guai: Dr Penniston/your question, FMS: Dr Penniston/your question (or any topic keyword that is applicable).  His participation on the mailing list does not imply agreement with nor representation of the views of GG, which fields all views for members' information and support. 

(Click here to open your e-mail program with the GG mailing list address already inserted.  You just need to include a subject line as per examples above.)

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Guai-Support's 'Suggested' Protocol

(this model allows for starting out on as low a dose as one chooses and titrating as feels appropriate)

  • Check that you have no other infections or conditions that need to be treated
    • (if possible, in some instances, it may be a good idea to start treatment for them either prior to starting guaifenesin or after establishing your therapeutic dose);
  • Determine if you have any degree of carbohydrate intolerance and, if you intend to follow a low-carb or low-GI diet, start it about at least a fortnight prior to starting Guaifenesin.  If you are going to wait to start a diet till after you begin Guaifenesin you will need to wait till you've first established your lowest therapeutic dose [LTD]
    • (If you do have Hypoglycemia or Insulin Resistance you may not 'feel' any improvement of your FMS till you deal with those conditions even though you may be in recovery from FMS symptoms.  That 'may' be the case with some other conditions also.);
  • If you are taking pain killing drugs, don't alter them after starting guaifenesin till  you've been able to determine your LTD
    • (otherwise it is very likely to confuse the titration process);
  • Don't start any exercise or other therapeutic regime till guai dose is established

    • (otherwise it is very likely to confuse the titration process);
  • Ensure you are not coming into contact with salicylates

    • (salicylates  block the action of guaifenesin at the kidney level thus it is just like not being on the treatment at all);

  • Begin Guaifenesin QA, LA & Q+LA at any dose bid [twice per day] 

    • (It has been the experience of a fairly significant group of list members that they have 'overshot' their lowest cycling dose by starting at the 'standard' level, and even starting as low as 200 mg bid, only to then experience months or years of exacerbation without relief.  When they have stopped Guai and re-titrated at a much lower commencing dose, they have discovered they reverse cycle below the standard starting dose and even below 200mg bid.  There is anecdotal evidence that the dose scale is from higher with LA tablets through to the lowest with compounded topical creams.  Click here for more information.

Those not wanting to risk this might consider starting out much lower and titrating up slowly to find their optimal dose.  Time taken to do this in the beginning can save time and angst later in the treatment process.);

  • Remain at your starting dose for about a week;

  • If you do not experience the classic, 'significant but tolerable' exacerbation of symptoms, Dr Penniston's 'sweet spot' (some symptoms improve while others worsen a little), significant symptom changes for better or worse  or a feeling of improvement during the 7 days, raise your dose by any dose bid

    • (depending on which guai product you are using);

  • Remain at that dose for approximately 1 week if you are raising by very low doses [10 mg to 50 or more mg] and up to a month for the higher doses

  • If you haven't begun recovery cycling by this time, continue duplicating the above until there is an indication that recovery has commenced

    • (i.e., the classic, 'significant but tolerable' exacerbation of symptoms, Dr Penniston's 'sweet spot' (some symptoms improve while others worsen a little), significant symptom changes for better or worse or a feeling of improvement.

It is a bonus if dose can be confirmed by maps but we at GG, and Dr Penniston, are not convinced that mapping is the only criteria for confirming dose.  We especially don't believe that clearing lumps from maps on a  monthly basis is necessary to indicate dose or improvement.  We believe that FEELING improvement is best and that the maps will indicate improvement in time.  Symptoms changes for the better or worse, good moments/days or Dr Penniston's 'sweet spot' are very important and one might consider sticking to a dose that invokes those.  Later if wanting to go faster, one can raise their dose. 


I should mention that some people have found that varying their dose up and down has helped, when they seemed to stagnate on their LTD (lowest therapeutic dose).  One would generally never go lower than their LTD (however, switching to another type of guai might indeed cause cycling at a lower dose than the previous type) but could raise their dose a little fairly regularly and then lower it again.  This can be continued until one felt that they had reached a level of 'recovery' and then continue indefinitely with their LTD.  One could also, theoretically, keep raising their dose a little to speed recovery but never enough to cause intolerable pain.  See also: Speeding up the Guaifenesin Reversal Process: Variable Higher Doses (VHD) by J. C. Waterhouse, Ph.D. 


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Different Types of Guaifenesin and its Recently Changed Status with the FDA"....if a person changes the type of guaifenesin they are using (from immediate release to extended release or vice versa) an adjustment in dose may be necessary to achieve the same level of symptomatic change. It is not unusual to require a slightly lower daily dose if one is using immediate-release when compared to extended-release. This means that if a person switches from extended-release to immediate-release the dose may need to be lowered. Conversely, an increased dose may be necessary if switching from immediate-release to extended-release. The difference in dose between the two often ranges from 20 % to 70%. However, a change in dose is not always required. If you change from one type to another, pay attention to your symptom changes and be prepared to alter your dose to achieve the ideal amount of symptomatic change as discussed in The Guaifenesin Guide, Chapter 8, Finding Your Dose."

We at GG tend to think taking a break till the exacerbation eases up and then titrating again is the wisest course.  It may allow one to FEEL the differences between doses better.  It is true that the further into recovery you are the more difficult it can be to retitrate, however, we think it is well worth a long break rather than to continue at too high a dose.  Intense pain means perhaps a long time on pain killers and such pain has other consequences also, e.g:
"Unrelieved pain has many negative health consequences including, but not limited to: increased stress, metabolic rate, blood clotting and water retention; delayed healing; hormonal imbalances; impaired immune system and gastrointestinal functioning; decreased mobility; problems with appetite and sleep, and needless suffering.  CNP also causes many psychological problems, such as feelings of low self-esteem, powerlessness, hopelessness, and depression."
"...the results seem to point to the fact that if chronic pain is left untreated, brain tissue loss is permanent."

Click here for an understanding of the effect of dose and other issues.

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Interpreting Progress

Cycling usually begins within a few days for low dosers but a high doser might take a bit longer.

Don't raise faster than the above suggestions. If you raise the dose too fast you will likely end up in too much pain or with too much exacerbation of symptoms. Plus, it's easier to raise than to lower dose. If you overshoot your dose you will experience a tougher reversal than necessary and probably end up opting to stop and restart the process from the beginning.

Some may progress very slowly when following the standard model. They find it takes much longer than suggested to experience good days or improvement.  For some it can be anything up to a year or more.  This may be unavoidable in a very few instances but GG suggests that it most often indicates the person has titrated to an unnecessarily high dose.

Some have given up on Guai after following the standard model, because of that lengthy time before seeing some progress, or having experienced no progress at all.  Their story may have been different if they had known to experiment with lower doses.  Although there's no guarantee that this would be the case, we think it worth experimenting with guai product/type and dose before giving up altogether. 


There is also the consideration that one has misinterpreted the signals and may have stopped titrating at too low a dose; or perhaps there is blocking with salicylates.


If you're in constant pain for a long time, you should reconsider your dose and double check your routine for salicylates/blocking.


There is also the possibility that you could later stall on your lowest therapeutic dose.  In that case you can raise your dose to 'kick-start' your cycling again.  Continue raising and lowering in whatever logical way seems to work for you so long as you never go below your LTD. 


Once you've established your LTD you can raise your dose in tiny increments if you wish; even by a teaspoon of an appropriate Guaifenesin liquid or a smidge of a topical cream.  It's perfectly legitimate to do so, especially if your progression is slowed at any time and you wish to speed things along, but if it's too much always come back to your LTD for a while before attempting it again. 


A small percentage of guai'ers seem to have no severe symptoms during reversal.  On occasion someone might feel no different but if mapped may have made remarkable progress. 


In some cases the protocol seems not to work very well at all.  No protocol works 100% for 100% of people. 


Keep in touch with the GG group while titrating and ask as many questions as you feel necessary.   We at Guai-Support are dedicated to finding answers to help everyone.


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Salicylates (pronounced sah-LISS-a-lates) block Guaifenesin Treatment for FMS at the kidney level.  Plants manufacture them to fend off soil bacteria and pests (reference "Science" [VOL. 266 e November 18, 1994 issue]).  Salicylates are not inherently manufactured by all plants but, in order to protect Guai'ers from the possibility of blocking, the GG salicylate status lists have been created considering that potential.


Salicylates must be avoided or the protocol will not work.  Herbal medications, cosmetics and skin creams or lotions containing herbs are also high in salicylates and should be avoided.  You need to study ingredient lists on products, especially those in supplements and anything you apply to your skin.  These warnings do not apply to foods, including herbs and spices used in cooking even though some contain salicylates.  Apparently, the amount is insufficient for blocking, because of the action of the digestive tract, also because the liver processes small amounts by a process called glycination. There are no restrictions on diet, unless you also have hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes or diabetes. 


Assume you are very sensitive and be meticulous in conducting your search for salicylates in topicals, supplements and medications because, especially in the early days of the treatment, it is almost impossible to tell physically whether or not one is blocking the guaifenesin.  Further along in the treatment when you have begun to experience some lengthy periods of good days, blocking 'may' be easier to detect.  If you suspect you may be blocking please see the Blocking Test Instructions


Click here for further information on salicylates.


It seems difficult at first but with the help of Guai-Support, you will become quite adept at steering clear of salicylates. 


If working at the computer is too hard for you, print out information from this site on occasion, curl up in a comfortable chair and read it in manageable stages.  In time you will have a good understanding of the treatment.

If at any time you are concerned about your progress please check out this Progress Troubleshooting Questionnaire and also write to the mailing list for help.


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Brief Explanation of How the Protocol Works

(Includes information regarding calcium taken with meals to bind phosphates and carry them out of the body via fecal elimination

One of my previous helpers had a strong background in the sciences, and thus summarised very briefly, and in a simplified way, the most basic concepts that are helpful to understand about phosphates and thus why Dr St Amand uses Uricosuric agents (guaifenesin is one) to engender recovery from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Phosphate exists inside every cell of your body as the inorganic anion, meaning it has a negative charge to it. It is essential for it to be there and it is the major intracellular anion in the body. Your body does not make phosphate, but it is in almost everything you eat, and cannot be avoided in the diet.

The reason it causes a problem for us is due to some genetic defect in the mechanisms that regulate its cellular concentration, and it builds up to toxic levels inside the cells of our body. As it increases, it does several things that are bad: 1) It causes calcium to be present outside of its normal storage depots in the cell (the endoplasmic reticulum is where calcium should be when it is not needed) because calcium has a positive charge and therefore will balance the negative charge of the phosphate ion. This is bad, because when calcium remains outside its normal place, it causes the cell to work, and if the cell is a muscle, that means it will constantly contract. The muscle cannot stop contracting because of the presence of calcium. 2). When phosphate is present in excessive amounts, it also directly interferes with the cells' ability to make ATP (energy). Phosphate is USED in making ATP, but if present in too great an amount, it can also INTERFERE with ATP production. So now you have a double whammy effect: A cell that cannot stop working, and a cell that cannot produce the ATP( energy) it needs to work.

One last point: although you can not avoid phosphates in your diet, taking extra calcium with your meals will BIND the phosphates in your gut to the calcium (calcium phosphate) and allow the bowels to excrete this compound. This is why Dr. St.A recommends everyone take calcium with their meals, as it will likely lighten the phosphate load that the kidneys have to get rid of, and he states it can even lower the effective dose, or facilitate clearing of phosphates in that way.

Hope this clarifies just a little about this complex subject.


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The above link will take you to information regarding subscribing, signing off, setting mail options, changing address etc.



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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Irritable Bowel: Treating Symptoms Treating Cause

By Dr Gregory K. Penniston
(The re-titled new edition to
The Guaifenesin Guide)

A unique book that gives sufferers and their families clear explanations and practical information on every type of treatment for these distressing and hard to manage disorders. It dispels the misconceptions, that lead some people to dismiss these conditions, with thoughtful explanations and reasoning. This book gives emphasis to eliminating the conditions by addressing their 'cause', with a commonly used 'over-the-counter' medication, guaifenesin and provides detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines.





Examining Guaifenesin




Parting the Fog: The Personal Side of Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Sue Jones, a GG Member

Parting the Fog" is a candid, first person account of what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone suffering from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. It relays the seriousness of this condition in an easy-to-read manner, while employing humor and focusing on hope.







Crack Up at the Wake of Dawn: Everyday Poetry to Incite and Delight Your Soul

Another great Book from our GG Member Sue Jones!  If you are a fan of "Parting the Fog", you won't want to miss this book. Although it isn't specific to fibro, you WILL find chapters you can closely relate to, since many topics are dealt with. Some of the poems may make you cry, others make you laugh, and still others trigger a thought or give you greater insight. Whichever the case, you won't be left unaffected.









Take My Hand: The Extraordinary Story of a Girl Named Janis

In Take My Hand, Audrey Revell (a long time member of GG) paints a vivid and moving picture of the life and indomitable spirit of her daughter Janis, an exceptionally talented musician and composer despite having lost her sight as a child together with progressive hearing loss.




 The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

By Pema Chodron


Getting Unstuck: Breaking Your Habitual Patterns & Encountering Naked Reality

By Pema Chodron


 I Remember Me


 Fibromyalgia: Show Me Where It Hurts DVD


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Procedures to acquire free drugs for needy clients. There are many many resources here that perhaps you can either share with your doctors willing to go the extra few steps to help, or friends who need financial assistance:  Volunteers in Health Care

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can be printed out and given to your doctor.  S/he can then print it out for his or her FMS patients, and their waiting room.  You can print & pass out copies as you encounter people interested in the protocol & the Guai-Support group.

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